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November 07, 2009


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Sustainable furniture is truly a good idea as it would help us work with confidence when we know that the furniture we do our work on day in and day out, contributes towards a greener environment. Hope more product manufacturers take up this concept seriously and come out with more green products. We run a global sustainability directory called Climatarians where we feature similar products.

eco-chic design

I just spent some time on your website and really liked your sustainable lifestyle section. It has some great links to environmentally responsible choices for the holidays like organic x-mas trees or anti-biotic free turkeys. Did you know of the company called "The Living Christmas Company" in LA? They have a cool concept where you can rent a local x-mas tree that's delivered, picked up and replanted.

Furniture Packages Spain

Automobiles, home appliances and furnitures can be designed for repair and disassembly (for recycling), and constructed from recyclable materials such as steel, aluminum and glass, and renewable materials, such as Zelfo, wood and plastics from natural feedstocks. Careful selection of materials and manufacturing processes can often create products comparable in price and performance to non-sustainable products. Even mild design efforts can greatly increase the sustainable content of manufactured items.

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